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 Fixed Fee Divorce Call us now for a free initial consultation 01525 40 60 30 or use our online enquiry form  Assuming your divorce is undefended, which is usually the case, we can deal with this for you for a fixed fee  so you know at the outset exactly how much it will cost you.  Our fixed fees include an initial conciliatory letter to your spouse inviting their co-operation with the divorce proceedings, suggesting the  appropriate grounds for the divorce, offering to send a draft of the divorce petition and asking them to formally confirm their position to us.  This consultation at the outset helps to minimise the risk of a defended divorce and avoids unnecessary delay in the court process.  

Fixed Fee Petitioner Divorce  
This assumes your divorce is undefended (not contested by your spouse) 
Our Fixed fee includes as follows: 
1) Consultation and advice regarding the basis on which you will be seeking a divorce, commonly known as the ‘grounds’ for divorce. 
2) Drafting of an initial letter to your spouse explaining the action we intend to take and inviting their co-operation with the divorce and seeking confirmation of their consent in cases where agreement is required or advisable. 
3) Drafting the divorce petition and accompanying documentation the court requires and forwarding to you for approval and communication with your spouse as necessary in order to forward the draft should they wish to see it. 
4) Advising on divorce procedure and timescales and issuing the divorce proceedings. 
5) Drafting your Decree Nisi application and applying for Decree Nisi. 
6) Receiving the Decree Nisi and advice regarding timing of Decree Absolute 
7) Obtaining Decree Absolute as per your instructions regarding timescales for the making of the application. 
Throughout the process we will keep you informed of progress. 
Court fees 
You are also required to pay standard government fees for the court to issue and deal with your divorce proceedings. These are currently £550.00 payable when the petition is filed.  
Additional fees 
In some cases there can be additional issues to be resolved for example not being able to trace the other party, the other party denying receipt of the papers, needing to have the petition personally served on your spouse or attending court to deal with issues relating to the payment of the legal costs. 
The Fixed fee does not include: 
- Court fees or any other out of pocket expenses 
- Attendance at Court 
- Arranging personal or substituted service upon your spouse 
- Correspondence with your spouse save for as detailed above 
- Advice about finances or children (other than to inform you of the general position in respect of the potential risk to you if you do not address the financial issues at the time you divorce) 
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Uncontested Respondent divorce  
We can also deal with the divorce for a fixed fee where your spouse has, or intends to, issue the proceedings. 
In this case you will be the Respondent, i.e. your spouse is divorcing you. 
Family law protocol places an obligation on family lawyers to try to deal with divorce and family law issues by agreement where possible and to conduct the proceedings in a non-adversarial manner. Usually therefore you will receive advance notice of your spouse’s intention to issue divorce proceedings but on occasions this does not happen and you will simply receive divorce papers in the post from the Court with a notice that you must complete and return them in 7 or 14 days, (it may be longer if you live overseas). If you do not do so your spouse, or their lawyers, may need to arrange for personal service which means they will instruct a bailiff or process server to serve the papers on you by hand. 
You will be expected to pay the costs of a bailiff or process server so you do need to act quickly and take legal advice so that you can respond as appropriate to the court, protect your position and not risk orders for additional costs being made against you. 
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